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Building your Teachers Web Site

Setting up your Classlink login

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Setting up Chrome for Google Meet

 POP Up Issues in your Chrome Browser?
Click here and watch this video.

Click Here to get more training or learn something new with Google Drives, Email,Google  Calendars, Google Hangouts, and Google Sites.

Google Training Center

40 ways to use Google in the Classroom
Setting up Gmail with the Gmail APP 

Gmail on your Android  
Gmail on your iPhone, or iPad 

Not using the app? then try this link for Android
Gmail on your Android phone or tablet
Gmail on your iPhone or iPad

Building your Google teacher page.
 Click on the image below to download or view the Google Sites Training Video. This tutorial video will help demonstrate how to set up your Google teacher site.
Run this video from the location that you saved the file.


ACT/SAT Test Prep Links
Varsity Tutors - Another site for ACT and other practice tests

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